Implement a 3D Editor within scene viewer (Web AppBuilder)

04-27-2021 05:36 AM
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Dear Community,

I am trying to implement a 3D Editor widget within a scene viewer on our ArcGIS portal, hence an in-panel widget for creating and editing point features.

I have tried several things so far, have read and watched several tutorials and also found the following developer widget:

I do understand the basics and know how to create a new widget within webappbuilder. However, I can't figure out how to "translate" the code from the above mentioned 3D widget (  into an in-panel widget within webappbuilder. I can't seem to find any relevant information on how to do this. 

I would appreciate if anyone could provide me with information or a helpful resource on this specific topic; I have read everything about webappbuilder and developer tools, but have never come accross something that combines these two approaches. The developer codes are standalone applications, whereas my 3D editor needs to be within one of our scene viewers, and should refer to the maps and layers within this application.

Another option would be to modify the 2D edit widget, however I am not sure what's the best approach, since I am quite new to JavaScript.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hello no33mis,


Did you find solution to this?


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