Identify Widget - setting and using 'PopUp Only' values

03-30-2015 01:57 PM
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I am using the Identity widget (version 1.1 in wabVersion 1.1)  in Google Chrome (Version 41.0.2272.101 m) on Windows 7.

When I try to configure the tool by selecting an identify layer to edit and then check one or more 'Popup Only'  boxes and click OK, then click 'Okay' in the Configure Identify window, then 'Save' in the application it doesn't seem to save the settings in the config_Identity.json file.  When I reopen the Configure Identify > Edit Layer window the Popup Only boxes are not checked.  I have also tried to manually edit configure file by adding "popuponly": "true" to some fields, but still no luck.  The 'Popup Only' box never gets set in the edit screen, and setting the value in the configuration file doesn't seem to change any behavior in the tool.

Does setting the 'Popup Only' box work?    Am I doing something wrong with this configuration?  

     Thanks,  Jimmy


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   There as an issue in the implementation of the popup only feature in version 1.1.

This has been addressed in version 1.1.1