I noticed that searching Geonet for 'Web App Builder' doesn't find this space

09-15-2018 07:26 AM
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I wonder if it is possible to add a tag or alias so that searching for Web App Builder finds this forum in Geonet?


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Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Web AppBuilder Custom Widgets

Web AppBuilder Custom Themes

You need to type "@W" without the quotes... if I type @ and pause, you should see the @ Mention stuff appear.

This will include peoples, Places, Spaces and stuff

but it does work well in search... you just have to pause before stuff shows up

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find it?

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I agree that adding simple tags such as "wab" would help make tagging Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS‌ , and other places, more searchable and easier to find. Michelle Mathias‌, is there a way for tags to be added to this group to make it easier to search?

I also agree with Dan that I can find it through searching on my own, but I like the idea of it being as easy as possible. This thread might be better in the GeoNet‌ space (maybe).

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hi Adrian,  I added the wab tag to the group. I also have the ability to bulk tag all content in the group with wab if you think it would help. But it wouldn't solve for new content posted. We could add a note/ message in the group to ask people to use certain tags when posting questions. 

Michelle Mathias
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Nudge Rupert to see if this is what he was referring to before you 'wab' everything