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I can't get the app builder to work

03-23-2024 02:01 AM
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To get the Webapp ID  I went to my content-->newitem-->application-->web mapping--> enter URL: (https://msi:3344/webappbuilder)--> then I go to settings to register the app: 

Here is my screen there: 

my screen.png


I cannot pick Java script for some reason, but I see that option available to other people based on youtube videos. 

After registering an entering the URL (https://msi:3344/webappbuilder), this is my screen: 


Screenshot (721).png


There is no AppID to then paste here: 


Screenshot (718).png


I don't know what to do. Every youtube video I've watched doesn't feature this issue. I follow the instructions exactly... 

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The main problem is that I cannot find a webapp ID to enter, to be clear

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