how to use data from client side output

06-04-2021 05:20 AM
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I'm trying to select some features in a layer on a map, then get them into the client side output widget to use those selected features into another personnalize widget. In the end, I would like to use those data to create a chord diagram. But for now I need to understand how to access the data in my script, what form the data have... 

Could you please help me ? 

Thank you in advance, 


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I couldn't understand the "client side output widget". In what format the data would be at the client side?

Do you think the Add Data widget could work?

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Hi, I meant I use this sample :

I'm not trying to add data to the map, it already have different layers. I'm looking for accessing the data table of selected features of those layers into another widget I would code. 

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