How to update the WAB Application when the Datasource [Feature class] is updated?

08-09-2017 06:22 AM
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Dear All,

I am developing application using WAB/ArcGIS Portal 10.5.

Objective of the Application:

To display the facilities available in the area.

Development Environment:

Using ArcGIS Pro we composed the layers with different facilities like Hospitals, Clinic, Transport for an Town. The facilities will be shifted on regular interval like Clinic will shifted from one place another after 15 days depends on Number of Patients arrived.

The services has been published and utilized in WebAppBuilder application. 



Q 1:The facilities are migrated randomly, We are editing the POINT in the dataset/Feature class. Do we need to publish the service again? (or)

Q 2:The ArcGIS DataStore will establish the connection between the DataSet/Feature Class to the Web Map, So the modification occurs in the feature class, Will the changes reflects in the WAB Application [since, DataSource in Updated]

Q3: The republishing the service must be avoided, So any changes occurs in the DataSet/Feature Class, So the WAB application must reflect the Change. What is the option for this task?

Thanks In Advance.

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Hi Mathan,

If you are editing the facility data in ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro, you will want to use ArcGIS Server.  ArcGIS Server allows you publish a service and have it read the data source without copying the data.  So, as the feature class is updated in ArcMap/Pro, the service is immediately updated without the need to re-publish.

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Hello Marthan

Are the services hosted by Esri in the cloud? Or are they on your organization's on-premises ArcGIS Server site?

Since you mentioned Data Store I am thinking you have registered a file gdb or Enterprise Geodatabase with your on-premise ArcGIS Server site. In that case, when the registered data source is updated, your dynamic map or feature service will update as well with no need to republish.

The easiest way to confirm this would be to test it out in your development environment if you have one. See the "Environment Isolation" section of this white paper if you want more info on that: 

Good luck! Sounds like a cool project.

Warm regards,

Micah Babinski