How to show selected widget in a group for launchpad theme?

05-03-2017 08:29 AM
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     I originally posted this as a discussion but decided I should repost as a question.  I've managed to use Robert's Layer Toggle widget in a way it wasn't intended.  Using Launchpad theme I was able to group my aerial layers to toggle on and off with just the simple popup buttons.  I realize I could do something similar using Basemap Gallery, but that solution presents other challenges (coordinate system limitations).  Anyway here is a screenshot to maybe help illustrate what I'm talking about.  In this shot there are 2 aerials turned on.  Can't tell which, that's my issue.  

      I can utilize the "popup" action of the launchpad theme to see which ones are active, but that had issues working properly (had to double toggle to turn off and on).  I guess what I need is a way to show which buttons are active.  If I could get the "popup" action to work properly or even better if I could highlight the selected (active) layer buttons.  Seems like something like that would be done in the CSS.  Any tips very appreciated.



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