How to run WAB (Dev Edition) using URL Rewrites (broken links)

08-04-2017 08:39 AM
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I am using a CMS to load some Web Application Builder applications (Developer Edition, V2.5). I do not want to use iFrames so instead I've taken the contents from the index.html file and have successfully embedded this into a standaline page. 

However I am looking to deploy this CMS application using URL rewriting, so virtual folders are created in the web URL for vanity/SEO purposes among some other reasons.

For example:



One problem is with main.js which should be called from the server root at, but instead the browser is looking for it at which is the crux of the issue. Basically, the SEO folder structure is creating a problem loading various files in the AGOL code. This includes referencing widget configs and other links back to init.js. I cannot create the folder structure on the server because this would create a conflict with the virtual URLs.

Has anyone successfully embedded an AGOL application to a CMS website without using iFrames and instead using Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal/etc with URL rewrites?

I've tried hard code some absolute URL changes to point to files in the server root (where they are actually located) but this causes further problems in other areas of the site. 

I can see in env.js where you can set a location to call the API. Is there something similar where you can overcome rewriting issues by calling an absolute location for the JS/CSS/JSON application files to be called, which aren't dependent on the URL address which may be virtual?



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