How to have different printing templates depending on the application ?

09-14-2016 06:34 AM
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Hi !

I have to create X applications with different printing templates. Ex :

- application 1 => template A, template B, template C

- application 2 => template D, template E

Do I have to create one Printing service per application ? Or there is a possibility to have one service and to give differents rigths to each application ?

Thanks for help.

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You have to create a new service if you want different layouts associated with it.

Tutorial: Publishing additional services for printing—Documentation | ArcGIS for Server 

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The easiest way would be to have different print services. But you can use one print service if it has all the print templates you require for each app and then go through the effort of editing the print widgets of each app to filter only the desired print templates for that app.

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Thanks a lot, I think I'll dig this second solution

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