How to get a web app builder to be used by the public without them needing a login

02-28-2020 02:41 PM
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I am trying to make a web app builder using the directions widget. I have shared both the map it uses and the web app itself and I also tried putting it into a story map and make it public there but it still requires a login to use the web app builder. What am I doing wrong to where the public cannot use it and must log in? Note: I am able to use it but when a person tries to open the link it requires that they login in order to use the web app. The rest of the story map works but not the map itself. 

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  That is because the directions widget uses credits so a user of the app needs a login. The way around this is to configure a proxy for your app and the proxy can have your credentials embedded. There are multiple threads and blogs about this, just search for setting up a proxy with WAB.