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How to embed/get link of a map created in Web AppBuilder?

01-21-2016 09:18 AM
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I created a web map using Web AppBuilder and I want to embed map or get a link to share it. However, I don't see this option on the app. I only see the box controller which holds my widgets.

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You can use an iframe to embed your web app builder app into an existing page. Here's an example of how this would look. You'll just want to replace the url below with the url to your app and perhaps update the width and height values.

<iframe src="" width=800 height=600></iframe>

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Awesome thanks Kelly - This was a real time saver, works with our locally hosted apps created from WAB 2.2.


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I found this widget: Share Widget Version 1.3 - 12/14/15 but when using the AGOL built-in version of the Web AppBuilder, this widget is not available. Are there any plans to integrate it? Because for other templates (e.g. MapTools, Story MapTour) the options to get a short link to the app or share it on FB & Co. are available.

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The share widget is now available also for the online version of WAB (June 2016 update of AGOL and WAB for dev 2.1).

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