how to create links to 'friendly' layer descriptions (not REST)

09-21-2016 10:34 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hi all,

We would like to have a link to metadata for each layer that is in plain understandable language.  In other words, a friendlier version of the REST page. We only need a paragraph or two of regular text, none of the spatial stuff.

The way it works now, where the ... button  as far as an interface is perfect. We just want to re-direct it to a custom page for each layer that is 'friendlier' 

Or... even better, to popup up a little mini-window or mini-DIV with the paragraph of text in it, like the Flex Flash Builder site did ---> Georgia Coastal Hazards Portal 1.0  

@ Team Esri & Community..  anyone have something like this?  

If not I'll look into doing this, I guess I'd start hammering the included WAB LayerList to do this. And create a Dojo FloatingPane or maybe jQuery UI dialog for the Description window. Ideally we want to replicate the Flash functionality and UI as above, with mini-window.    On the server end to expedite this in a future ArcGIS release perhaps a 'friendly' option for REST endpoints would be neat.  Maybe the Arc Server team could create an option in the Service publishing Share As window to also create a "friendly" REST page and us API programmers could pull this Friendly Version page with a specific paramater passed in the URL to the service.   I can probably cobble all this together but I have a feeling this is a common request and enabling us programmers to automate this or put it together easier would be great. I therefore thought I'd ask before creating it in house.

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Did you find a workaround to this question?


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