how to copy app created in previous version of WAB 2.1 in Portal for AGS 10.3 ) to newer version WAB 2.2 in Portal for AGS 10.5

01-24-2017 01:09 AM
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I have created apps using WAB 2.1 with my Portal for AGS 10.3.  Recently we have acquired a new server where we have installed Portal for AGS 10.5 along with WAB 2.2.

Now I want those apps I have created in WAB 2.1 to be imported to WAB 2.2.  It was not that simple as i thought as the apps are "attached" with the username of the Portal for AGS.  This I found by downloading the app in WAB 2.1.  I  tried importing the zipped file created in 2.2 and I'm getting a message,

" Failed to import the app. This app can only be imported by users of portal: < my old portal > "

Copying the content of my app from AGS 10.3 to AGS 10.5 was breeze using ArcGIS Online Assistant ( ArcGIS Online Assistant ).

Anything that I miss ?

Otherwise, I will have to do all the customization I did in WAB 2.1, which I dont like 🙂

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Was a solution for this ever found? I'm in a similar situation and would not like to recreate my many apps.

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