How long will deprecated widgets be available in web app builder?

10-29-2018 01:35 AM
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I've been using the chart widget in web app builder and built a number of apps which use this widget. Checking the documentation I noticed it has been marked as "deprecated". I'd like to know more about this; will the widget be removed from web app builder in the future? if so when? what will happen to apps already created that rely on this widget if and when it is removed?

The suggestion is to use the infographic option instead but this only allows one chart per widget pane (as far as I can tell) which is costly in terms of screen real estate when building dashboards.

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   As far as how long your apps that are already created using the Chart widget will continue to work indefinitely. As far as when it will be removed from WAB I don't know about that and I agree that having the ability to have multiple charts in one widget is a good thing. The infoGraphic widget is limited to one source per widget.

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