How do I properly use the Geoprocessing widget in Web Appbuilder

01-03-2018 08:04 AM
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Please help this noobie.  I published a geoprocessing service to ArcGIS Server, and added it to a web application (Portal WebApp Builder geoprocessing widget). The script tool worked in Arcmap and published fine with a resulting feature class.  Here are my problems.


1.  I am not able to get pop-up information for the geoprocessing result

2.  it does not show up in the application's legend widget

3.  when configuring the geoprocessing widget, I do not see any options for defining the symbology and popup fields for the output as described in the widget documentation

Script properties for the output is a feature class, derived and the direction is the output. 

Does anybody have any ideas for fixing this?  I question my SetParameterAsText.   Any help is appreciated. 


Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


Thank you so much 

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I looked into this a bit more deeply and found that the main solution is to add the python script into a model builder model.  Make sure to include 'Model Parameters' to all inputs and outputs. Publish this model.   That really did the trick.

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This has been documented as a bug. Wrapping the script in a model does force the proper output parameter. Not sure if it still exists in 10.6 but guessing that it does.

Bug Details

Open#BUG-000111452 The SetParamater ArcPy function when used in python script results in a table in the geoprocessing results window and does not honor the geometry of the input feature class, hence the shared geoprocessing service has an undefined Geometry Type.








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