How do I configure Web AppBuilder to use Organization Login

06-18-2019 04:17 AM
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We have created a WebAppBuilder app deployed on a Linux server. At our site we have ArcGIS Portal and ArcGIS Enterprise. Every service is open, and running the web app works fine. We have added the Enterprise's IDP using SAML2 to ArcGIS Portal and turn off Portal Authentication. Users has to login clicking the Sign in to Organization button, but when this is done, the user is automatically signed in next time accessing the Portal home site. All servers is running on Linux

I have configured the webappbuilder to use Web-tier authentication, setting the isWebTier to true an so on in the config.json file as described in the documentation: 

But when the application starts, I'm prompt to login with built in Portal user and not the organization's identity provider (ADFS). So how do I configure the app to use Enterprise Login?

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Harald Øystein Lund

Please see the answer provided in this thread: 

Adding a registered appId with the proper URI redirects should provide you with an OAuth2 Modal for Enterprise Logins.

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how can I login using on premises enterprise portal account ( here using as a ArcGIS organization URL?



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