How can I reduce the zoom interval for an app created using AGOL's Finder template? The app basemap is World Topo.

04-20-2015 06:54 AM
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How can I reduce the zoom interval for an app created using AGOL's Finder template?  The app basemap is World Topo.  Any keyboard shortcuts for this?

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Lynne, I haven't played with this template on AGOL, but typically the base maps's cache tiling scheme is what controls the zoom intervals.  Does this template seem to skip over some of these zoom levels and you are wanting a finer zoom?  If so, you may need to provide your own cached basemap.  ​

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Hi Rebecca,  thank you for responding and yes the app appears to skip over zoom levels when I did a side by side comparison using desktop ArcMap and the Finder app.  At the 1:8,000,000 scale, ArcMap with World Topo has an interval of 2million and Finder template appears to be apx 7million.  Am hoping to find a code modification for the template.

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If  you download the template then you can access the javascript code. Here are two examples of specifying the levels of detail (LOD) in a map. the first allows you to specify the scale and the second allows you to only show which predefined zoom levels you want.

Set visible scales | ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Specify LODs (levels of detail) | ArcGIS API for JavaScript


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Thanks for the pointers Stan!  And I'll report back if I learn anything else.



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