Hide map layer from geoprocessing input parameter

11-22-2021 01:00 PM
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by Anonymous User
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I have an application developed with Esri Web AppBuilder Developer Edition (ArcGIS Enterprise). 

I published a simple geoprocessing service to allow users to select a layer from the map, specify the buffer distance, and execute the buffer. I published the gp service by running a buffer in ArcGIS Pro and publishing the geoprocessing result. I added a Geoprocessing widget which points to the GP service URL. 

In Web AppBuilder, I specified to allow users to choose a layer to buffer from the web map. There are a few layers I'm hiding in the LayerList, I would also like to hide these layers from the layer pick list in the geoprocessing widget. so users cannot select them. I'm having difficulty locating the places in the code to edit to achieve this. 

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