groupfilter URL parameter syntax

08-19-2021 07:01 AM
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Good afternoon everyone,


I am following the steps described in the ESRI online documentation to obtain a web app that has a URL with parameters used by the groupfilter widget. and it works! 🙂


The example given in the online help is a case of selecting one or more values in a coded domain. No syntax example is given for the other filter operators that are available in the widget:

  • filter on numeric values: greater than, lower than, greater than or equals , lower than or equals ;
  • filter on dates: date before... ; date after ....
  • filter on string parts: contains, starts with, ends with
  • exclusion filter: not equals to


I would like to obtain URLs that use the numeric operators, but cannot figure out how to syntax the URL... The example given in the documentation shows that the groupfilter widget uses a syntax that is quite different from usual query syntax (described here, for instance).

Has anyone experienced writing URLs with any of these operators? Is there any more complete help available on the syntax to be used for the groupfilter widget?


Many thanks for any help, pointers, good ideas, and moral support 😉


Kind regards,




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Hi @HélèneTouyéras , the Group Filter only supports the equal "=" operator and does not support the whole series of app URL parameters.

To filter multiple values, use the format shown here:

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Many thanks for your reply, @AlixVezina ! I was hoping to query on a range of values, not on multiple values.

I'll forward this post as an ArcGIS Idea for -hopefully!- future completion of the GroupFilter URL parameter capabilities. 

Thanks again!