GP Widget Layer Input not Updating when Filtered

09-12-2019 05:39 AM
Occasional Contributor

I have a GP service that I am using with the Geoprocessing Widget takes in a web map layer as input. The input layer may also be filtered using the Fitler widget to restrict the records in the web map. After the first run of the GP tool, the map layer used as input for the GP Service does not update with the map filters unless the data is selected.

How can I trigger the map layer input to my GP tool to refresh to match the filtered data in the map?

I believe the described behavior is similar to the issue described in the post. It looks like the issue was addressed for the Summary Widget, but not the GP Widget: Info Summary AND Filter Widget - bug? fix avail? 

Thanks very much for any assistance. 

Edited: I am closing in a solution by editing the getGPValue function of the editors so that it will re-evaluate the feature set used as input against the tool against the features currently defined in the source layer. Still need to do some cleanup so that it will evaluate both spatial and definition queries.

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