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Geoprocessing widget ignores the Use selected features checkbox

06-08-2022 02:23 PM
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The Geoprocessing widget is completely ignoring the Use selected features checkbox.

If I run the tool like this I get all features sent to my script.


I get the whole thing


If I use the black box in the widget and select them that way then it does work.

Is this a known bug?  Or do I have to set something differently?  Not seeing any docs or posts on this.

Thanks for any help


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Update from more testing

I can get draw box next to the layer name to work.

I can get a second field that asks for a Polygon to work

I can get a query result layer to work

But the use selected features does not


Seems weird to have the box there if it is not supported. 

I am just using indLayer = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0) in my code - maybe I need something else?

I cannot seem to find this new checkbox in the help either.  Anyone seen it?


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Doug - I believe you need to follow the workflow seen here in this Tech Support article about using the Select widget as input for a GP widget.

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