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11-05-2014 07:34 AM
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In the Flex app, Locator widget, I could restrict the address searches to only within the overall extent of the map. As all of my searches happen within Tulsa, Oklahoma, I would LIKE to have my users only have to enter the address and not the City and State in order to run the geocoder. I've been digging around the config.json and such files trying to find out how to make this happen but no luck so far.

Does anyone know if this is an option?

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Hi-  I am looking for more detail about where and how to do this.  I have the same need for FL and am using WAB 1.2 search widget, but cannot find/understand where I am supposed to adjust the suffix.  I'm not a developer.  I started a new thread for this here:  Limit extent of the ESRI geocoder in the Search widget of WAB 1.2.


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   I now have an Enhanced Locate widget that allows for adress searches to be confined to the maps current extent.

Enhanced Locate Widget Version 1.2 - 10/2/2015