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10-20-2017 02:49 AM
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Morning All

This is a question for Robert 

I've been struggling with the filter widget lately. I have two issues

1. Firstly why is there not a zoom to function in the filter widget in AGOL or Portal when there is in Group Filter ? 

2. Secondly the Filter widget and the group filter widget behave differently for me on the same data set which is in the same location when I am running them through my Portal account. The Group Filter works in that it can access the data set, which is a feature service. The filter widget cannot access the data, I get an internal server error 500.

Unfortunately I need the filter widget to work with it's superior functionality over the group filter widget. The data can be queried with a click of the mouse and a pop up, but the filter widget does not allow filtering to occur. The group filtering widget does. Does this make sense ? 

Any input would be most helpful. 



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  1. Most likely a different developer was assigned to those widget. I have a thread or two on how to add the zoom ability to the filter results.
  2. Can you provide the filter widgets json file from your apps configs\Filter folder? Can you provide a screenshot of the error you are getting when attempting to apply the filter?
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Morning Rob,

Many thanks for the reply. 

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