filter or search on the LayerList widget

08-16-2016 08:42 AM
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I'm thinking on triyng to start and develop a "search" / filter bar extention to the LayerList widget.

I couldn't find any post on such a request, which is pretty surprising to me.

My clients, which are using the app I made, requested a respectfully long list of layers in their webmap and now it became extremely complicated to navigate and find information especially because it has of too many groups - without groups it might get even worse.

Anyone have a good solution to suggest? never really opened widget's code before but it might happen soon..

The main problem is finding the layer but pretty soon it's going to lead to the next issue, which is marking all of the relevant checkbox squares to actually see the layer - that's also a pain when having too many groups and an app

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   This is the closest ting out there to some filtering ability in the LayerList widget: 

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Thank you Robert! Looks promising  I'll try it.

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