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Feature layer http/https issue

04-13-2017 01:35 PM
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Hello , 

I am running into issues trying to add a feature layer that is http. 

Background on the Issue: 

I trying to put together a web app that has my location enabled. In order to do this my browser must be in https setting. Several of the layers that i need to load are from a rest end point that are http. However, these layers will not load in the browser if the app is opened in https. I could take off the s but that would disable the my location button in the web app. I really need both the my location to be enabled and the feature layer that is http to come in. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestion on how to resolve this issue? 

Thanks in advance 

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   Unfortunately this is a browser level security constraint. In Chrome you can click on the shield icon to the right of the addressbar and and choose to allow the mixed content but this is something that will have to be done on each client machine (not realistic). You main option is to enable ssl on the web server that is http protocol currently.

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