Exporting .csv from query widget results doubles columns?

06-02-2017 10:28 AM
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New to WAB. I'm using the default query widget to export query results to a .csv file. The query widget passes a number of filter expressions, including a date filter, an area filter (on numeric field), and a filter on a binary flag (also numeric). 

I am able to export the results, but the output .csv repeats each column once, doubling the number of columns. The only difference I spot in the initial versus repeated columns is in the date field. Note that the first listing of "DATE" is DD-MMM-YY, and the second is not. 

- I have experimented with pop-up configuration (on/off, different names, etc.) thinking that could be the source or the repetition. 

- I have tried various combinations of export permission settings, both within the widget and in the item details.

Interestingly, if I access the table from the item details window in 'my contents' (without running a query), and download as a .csv, there is no repetition. Evidence that the problem is something with the query widget?

Again, new to WAB, so this is likely something simple. Thanks for having a look. 

WebApp is here: ArcGIS Web Application 



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   I would suggest that you contact tech support on this issue if you have not already, Since this is WAB on AGOL there is little the community can do to help you with this.

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Same issue here.

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I have the same issue. Esri support indicated that the issue has been logged as "BUG-000103768: The Query widget in Web AppBuilder creates duplicate fields when exporting the result as a csv file".