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09-25-2014 07:20 AM
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I'd like to use a time enabled map in WebApp Builder for ArcGIS but I am not able to see or use any widgets related to time.

Here I have read about the HistogramTimeSlider provided in the authoring environments only if the map is time enabled (like the mine).

Anyway it seems that the webapp builder is not sensible to the time.

Is it true? How can I do?

Thanks a lot


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I have the exact same question!   I'm hoping that there is not a need to add a custom widget specifically for the Timeslider given it's present in standard AGOL today....  thanks for asking the question!

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Same question as everyone.

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Time Slider widget has been added in Web AppBuilder embedded in AGOL, along with new Swipe and Analysis widgets. Check out What's new. The Developer Edition will have the same new features in the coming release in mid of March.