Electric Network Tracing in WAB

03-06-2020 12:19 AM
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We are unable to generate network tracing by using default network tracing widget in Web app builder, could any one suggest us if there is any latest tool which would support in WAB.

Process followed as below:

- Electric data was added in ArcGIS/Map

- Created Geometry network

- Selected Geometry network in utility network analyst bar

- Selected Tool (Trace Geometry Network )

Output folder was not seen when added url
Please suggest if there is any solution to work on Electrical data and we have tested this widget on Water and its is working but not able to get solution on Electrical data

Please suggest.

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I'm not familiar with this tool so I'm going to offer some very vague and probably incorrect advice!

The output seems to be a group layer which might be causing the issue, could you package it up into a zip file to download or does it need to be added as an operational layer or add some code to add the individual layers?

Have you looked at all of the options for the output in the publishing window?

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It requires operational layer as GP service and there is no other option and we have checked different options but we could not find solution.

We are looking for the solution to trace electrical data in WAB,

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Hi Srinivasa Rao‌,

This appears to be an older version of the widget. Please try using the version included with your portal version.

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