Edit Widget - Auto-populate address field reverse geocode

01-11-2016 01:24 PM
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I would love to be able to auto-populate a field in the edit widget with the nearest address. Robert thankfully showed me how to populate a field when creating a new feature and now I would like to perform a reverse geocode in the edit widget and have it auto-populate an editable field. So far I've been able to get the reverse geocode to work in the widget but I can't seem to get the value from the geocode function to populate in the _worksAfterCreate function in the editor Widget.js. What am I doing wrong and how can I get the value from my reverse geocode function to show in another function like the _worksAfterCreate?

     _initGeocoder: function() {

        this.editor.locator = new Locator("my/GeocodeServer");

        this.editor.locator.on("location-to-address-complete", lang.hitch(this, function (evt) {

            var address = evt.address.address;

            var AddrPt = address.Street;

            var AddrPt2 = AddrPt;



    _registerMapEvents: function() {

        this.mapClickEvent = this.map.on("click", lang.hitch(this, function (evt) {

            this.editor.locator.locationToAddress(esri.geometry.Point(evt.mapPoint), 100, null, lang.hitch(this, function () {




     _worksAfterCreate: function(AddrPt2) { 

        // add close button to atiInspector


        // resize editPopup

        this.editPopup.resize(500, 251);

        // update templatePicker for responsive.


        //Add the autopopulate field value from Robert

        this.editor.templatePicker.on("selection-change", lang.hitch(this, function() {

          var selected = this.editor.templatePicker.getSelected(); 

          if (selected) { 

            var featureLayer = selected.featureLayer; 

            on.once(featureLayer, "before-apply-edits", lang.hitch(this, function(evt){


              if(evt.adds && evt.adds.length > 0){ 


                evt.adds[0].attributes.ADDRESS = AddrPt2; 







  //End add

        //just for BoxTheme

        setTimeout(lang.hitch(this, this._update), 900);

        // // reset default selectionSymbol that change by Editor dijit.

        // array.forEach(this.editor.settings.layerInfos, function(layerInfo) {

        //   layerInfo.featureLayer.setSelectionSymbol();

        // }, this);


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Hi, you mention above "Robert thankfully showed me how to populate a field when creating a new feature" Can you share this? I need to populate a value into a field through code, not through the user editing it, but need to know where this happens in the code.

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