Drawing widget bug in Edge. Circle, ellipse, arrow and triangle draw two shapes instead of one.

09-12-2021 07:21 PM
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We are seeing a strange behaviour with the Drawing Widget in Web App Builder developer edition 2.21 and MS Edge (Version 84.0.522.52 (Official build) (64-bit))

When a user draws a polygon using the circle, ellipse, arrow or the triangle tool, the widget draws a small shape inside the shape draw by the user. When the user clears the drawing the small shapes remain. It only happens with MS Edge (the standard browser in our organisation).

We could not replicate the behaviour using Internet Explorer nor in the Web AppBuilder version that comes in Portal 10.8.

Update: We have seen that the issue is only happening when the user uses the left mouse button. If they use the middle or the right mouse button it works ok. We narrowed the error down to the Draw.js file that is part of WebvApp Builder dev edition and it's only happening within the _onMouseDragHandler function.



I have attached a video that shows the issue we are experiencing. 

We are currently trying to find the cause of the issue without much success. Any help will be very much appreciated.


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Hi Walter. Just wondered if you ever identified a resolution for this bug. We are experiencing the issue and unsure how to resolve. 

ESRI - do you have any additional support literature for this bug?

Thank you!

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