Does Web App Builder support logic based filtering?

03-11-2019 08:21 AM
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Hello GeoNet!

Just curious if Web App Builder has a configuration to integrate Conditional Logic into the filtering options?  For example:  Selecting a State narrows down results for that state.  All options outside of the selected state are not considered when looking to answer the next question etc...  I know Survey123 for ArcGIS for ArcGIS does allow for this by defining "question rules" but I can't seem to configure this in any sort of way in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Thanks for any tips or hints.


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If you use the #filter widget, conditional logic is built-in functionality. 

Filter widget

You can also add "sets" for more complex logical operators.  Or are you asking a different question?


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Thank you Jay,

It does address what I am asking about, but I am looking for an out of the box integration and UI similar to Survey123.  Also, the way that the filters/questions stack in Survey123 is something of interest as well.  Sounds like building/modifying in JavaScript may be the way to go.