DockableTheme in Web AppBuilder

02-04-2015 12:57 PM
New Contributor II

I noticed there is a DockablePanel under FoldableTheme\panels in the Web AppBuilder for Developers.  I copied the FoldableTheme to a new folder called DockableTheme and configured the new theme to use the DockablePanel rather than the FoldablePanel.  Everything in the new theme works within the Web AppBuilder, but I'm not sure if it behaving as it should.   The Legend and Layer List panels appear as panels on the right-hand side of the interface, just like they do with the FoldableTheme, but they are simply solid white panels with no "dockable" capability.  In other words they can't be moved - if that's what's meant by "dockable", that's fine.  But, I was kind of expecting them to be moveable.  Can anyone tell me if this behavior is by design, or am I missing a setting?  Thanks!

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