Difference between Near Me, Incident Analysis, and Situational Awareness?

09-15-2021 09:04 AM
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I have a webapp that lets users find the closest fire stations to them using the Near Me widget within the user specified buffer. Looking at the description, this is using Line Distance. I need to be able to use Street Distance.

Alright, so found the Incident Analysis widget. You can specify Enable Routing, and Closest Feature cool. But this only shows 1 feature, the "Closest Feature" even though a buffer is set. So instead I set to proximity. Cool it shows ALL fire stations within the buffer ordered by closest. But wait the miles are different...proximity is using Line Distance it seems.

Third time is the charm so lets try the Situational Awareness widget. This basically does exactly the same thing the Incident Analysis widget does but....looks different. The Closest Feature and Proximity give me the same miles however and coincides with the Straight Line Distance from the Incident Analysis widget and Near Me widget.

Looking into the Analysis widget, I could use the Choose Best Facilities or Find Nearest tools, but they cost credits and my users cannot select a point on the map.

I guess I have 2 questions:

1. Why aren't these all combined into one widget?

2. What should I be using to find a list of fire stations closest to a clicked point on a map based on road distance and not straight line within my WebApp?

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