Deployed app layer loading issue

04-30-2015 10:06 AM
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Using WAB 1.1 Developer Edition Portal 10.3, I deployed an app consuming a Portal 10.3 webmap with a set of layers from two different groups.  One group (Edit group) is for attribute editing, so those are feature service layers.  The other group (View group) is for viewing map services.  Depending on the user viewing the app, if they are part of the Edit group, then they only see feature service layers that they edit.  If the user is part of the View group, then they only see the map service layers.  Here's the issue, the app works as intended for the the user of the View group and is able to see the map service layers and not the feature service layers, plus the Edit widget does not get populated because they do not have access to the feature services.  That is great, but for user of the Edit group when they view the app, the feature service layers are not being displayed until the Edit widget is launched and the drawing order for feature service layers displayed on the map are backwards.

Using Chrome Developer Tools, I can see the app loading the map service and throwing the Error code: 403 for the feature service layers for the user of the View group.  Okay, the app is working how it should for the viewing user, but watching the console for the edit user, it throws the usual Error code: 403 for the map service from the View group, but the feature service layers do not load until I open the Edit widget.

I need to setup a test app with consuming a webmap with the layer order switched to see if the opposite happens to the two different users.  So the layers are being read from the webmap bottom - up, but why do the feature service layers not display for the edit user until the Edit widget is launched?   Thanks for any insight!

Update:  Looks like webmap in Portal 10.3 will not allow me to rearrange map service and feature service layers.  Feature service layers are always on top while map service layers are always on the bottom no matter in which order I add them.

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