Data Grid - Tab Interaction with Filter Widget

05-15-2020 03:49 AM
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Any feedback or possible solutions of what and where to code in widget(s) would be great!

1.) Data Grid: Default look currently displays all tabs that are in filter list. Desire is to only show data grid tab of filter that is currently selected for the default when application starts. One filter on at startup and one tab displayed in data grid. See image DgDefault.png for current default. See image DgDesiredDefault.png for the desired default look.

2.) Data Grid: As users select a filter(s), the tab is displayed in the data grid and a specific color is not assigned to the tab. As filters are unselected the tabs disappear. Selecting the filter again the tab appears, but the color is not maintained as in the default. See image DgDesiredInteractionButMissingColors.png and DgDefault.png.

3.) Data Grid: When all filters are off the data grid is hidden/minimized. Great! When a filter(s) is selected, the data grid does not expand/unhide. The desired effect is to show the data grid. See image DgDesiredInteractionFilterSelectedRemainsMinimized.png.

4.) Data Grid: When a filter is on and turned off and then back on the column names in the tab are using the "name" value versus the "alias" value in the widgets JSON file. See image DgTabHeaderMissingColumnsAliasName.png. See image DgJson.png

Thank you community!


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