Coordinate search issue with Search Widget Portal 10.8.1

08-05-2020 10:00 AM
Occasional Contributor

I recently upgraded to Portal 10.8.1 from 10.6.1. In 10.6.1, when I would input decimal degrees into the Search Widget of WAB, the popup would return the full coordinate that I entered and suggest an alternate coordinate if the coordinate was ambiguous, i.e., if the x/y could be flipped. The suggestions matched the coordinate format so if I entered decimal degrees then the suggestions would be in decimal degrees.

In 10.8.1, the search function does not behave in the same way. Entering decimal degrees returns suggestions in DMS. The popup window also rounds up the decimal degree values so if you click the link under Did you mean?, then you're not going to the same location you searched for. 

See attached example of this behavior in 10.8.1. 

I would like the search widget to return a coordinate search in the same format the user enters, including suggestions of ambiguous coordinates in the same format without rounding the x/y values. Is there a way to return the search functionality in 10.8.1 back as it was in 10.6.1? 


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