Controling Image Service Content using the Query widget within the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

11-07-2015 02:32 AM
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Hi all

We need to give our users access to different scanned maps.

We want to supply these users with a mechanism allowing them to control what map to display, mainly based on time or map name criteria.

Based on the following link I understand that the Query widget within the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS is capable of handling an Image Service, thus the user can use certain properties within the attribute table to control and filter which of the maps, served through this service, are retrieved and displayed.

Within our Portal for ArcGIS I've configured a Web Map referencing a mosaic based Image service, from our on premise AGS instance. This Web Map is used as the basis for a Web Mapping Application within our Portal for ArcGIS. When trying to configuring the Query Widget to for working with the referenced Image Service (which is the only data source contained in the Web App), we receive the following message with no much further details: "There is no feature layer in the map"

I guess it got to do with the way I'm referencing the Image Service. I also tried to reference this service as an item within the Portal for ArcGIS, resulting in the same message.

I appreciate any idea of what might went wrong with the way I put things together.



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