Configure Infographics Widget value axis in Web AppBuilder

07-20-2020 01:10 PM
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Is it possible to configure the range of values displayed on the value axis (y axis) of the chart displayed in the Infographic widget?  I have a widget displaying a line chart where the values range from 900 to 1000, and the range on the value axis goes from zero to 1000 (which makes it impossible to view the variance in the data).  I would prefer to have the range of the value axis related to the range of the data, similar to the way that charts display in the Operations Dashboard.

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This would be an incredibly useful option for me as well for the line chart. As it is, the line chart is basically useless because of the huge gap between the y axis minimum and the start of my data. 

Any way this would be possible to modify in the developer edition? I'm fairly new to JS, and am having trouble even finding the correct file in the Infographic widget folder, let alone what specifically would need to be changed.

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