Can you share your text you have put in your about widget?

02-09-2018 05:05 PM
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I am about to share an AGOL WAB map to the public. This map will be viewed by a wide audience that has had no to little exposure to the WAB web maps. I want to put an explanation in the about widget that explains some of the widgets. I only need to explain the basemap, share, bookmark and measure tool. At one time I found a pdf that had an icon 
and short explanation of how to use the widgets. Anybody know where I can find this or is willing to share one they have made?
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This might be more that you need, but this looks like an interesting training option

Mixing Intro.js and WAB, live example 

I have not used, just looked at the demo.

But you might be thinking of some of Larry Stout‌ 's widgets.  Larry changed jobx so doesn't update things anymore, but I have links to his widgets down in the "pinned" section of /blogs/myAlaskaGIS/2016/03/09/web-appbuilder-developer-edition-customization-resource-list  or scattered in the /blogs/myAlaskaGIS/2017/03/04/web-appbuilder-the-custom-widgets-list-332017?sr=search&searchId=075ee...

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