Can a Group Filter widget in Portal be configured to persist after widget is closed?

03-05-2018 11:33 AM
New Contributor II

The Group Filter I configured works but will not persist or work in tandem with the other Filter widgets within the App. Option to Append Filter to Existing Web Map Filter within the Group Filter widget Config, is not working. It seems that the Group Filter widget in Portal only works independent of other filter widgets that the App may contain regardless of how the Option to Append is set to AND or OR. To get around this issue with the Group Filter not persisting once another Filter has been applied, is to make a bunch of separate Filters witch will build on each-other but is much less clean looking, and takes much longer. Is there currently a way to get a Group Filter to persist once closed so all other filters will only filter on the results of the Group Filter? Thank you and kind regards!

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