Bookmark text ... why not on two+ lines?

07-31-2019 08:24 AM
by Anonymous User
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the text for Bookmarks is only 8 characters. Why not let text go to two or three or more lines if needed?   Currently it just truncates it with ...    I tried fiddling with it with CSS a bit to no effect. 

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  This is not something you can easily overcome with some simple css. My suggestion is to use the Enhanced Bookmark widget instead.

by Anonymous User
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Yes I came to that conclusion! The HTML on that widget is rather complex for some reason. I will be leveraging another one of your awesome widgets for our next update. I will create an Idea though for those who use the hosted builder.

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I too wish there was a way to prevent the truncation of Bookmark names by wrapping text. I understand how text wrapping could disrupt the grid arrangement of bookmarks in 'card' view, but list view should be able to accommodate this.

The custom 'Enhanced Bookmark' enables this,  but doesn't include an option to 'Save visible layers' along with the extents.

I was able to get a compromise solution by expanding the Bookmark css file ('server/apps/2/widgets/Bookmark/css/style.css') with the following code:

/*modify width of bookmark panel to avoid bookmark name truncation */
#widgets_Bookmark_Widget_31_panel {
  width: 475px !important;
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