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Blank Layers in my webappbuilder application

02-13-2016 12:57 PM
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Hi All,

Just wanted to open up a discussion in regards to an odd behavior I recently came across and I wanted to to see if anyone has had similar issues in the past with the web appbuilder application.

I have an user in which he claimed that he was able to access the application anywhere with the exception of his own home. The issue that he is having is that he is able to access the content of web map application. The moment he logged in, It would only show a map with a blank layer page. No one else has this issue but this one individual. I have already conducted a series of testing and have confirmed that this is applicable to all devices when he is at home. However, when I suggested to him to use alternative connection such as using data to access the map, he was finally able to see the content. This allowed me to conclude that this is a network issue.

As I am no network expert, I am not sure how to resolve this problem for this individual.

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   Strange it sounds like his ISP is blocking the traffic or More like his Anti-Virus/Firewall software is blocking the content. I would have him temporarily disable his AV and test again.