Best way to exit Web AppBuilder, Developers Edition?

01-15-2015 04:08 PM
MVP Esteemed Contributor

If all runs smoothly, WAB 1.0 the startup.bat starts/opens an nodejs command window, and the browser window.  However, to exit or quit, I haven't found any real directions to do a clean exit. (no close or exit button either).

I have:

  • closed the WAB browser tab, then the nodejs window, and
  • closed the nodejs window, then the borwser tab

these things are sometimes done hours apari, if I'm not really thinking about it.

So far, it hasn't seemed to matter, and all is good.  But has anyone seen or heard of the "correct" or preferred order?  Just curious, since it seems a little clunky.  Next version may have something.


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