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Basemaps and Visible Scales

08-25-2016 06:26 AM
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I build my MXD's and share them to our ArcGIS Server as a REST Service.

Then I go to AGOL and add those layers and configure them.

Then I go to the WAB and add in Widgets and make last minute configurations.

Then I download the ZIP and upload to our DMZ.

I unzip and it's live.

Why is it that some maps can zoom down to vehicle level allowing me to see roughly the map as if I was roughly 100ft in the air. But then other maps when I zoom they stop at Street Level (1:9027.432)?!

We are getting frustrated here trying to mimic and corrected various behaviors on these web maps and its leaving me MORE confused as to the cause then ever.

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   It all depends on the basemap that is used and if one is used. Basemaps are cached map services and thus are constrained to the LODs that the map was cached at. Dynamic map service on the other hand are drawn by the server at runtime and are not constrained. If you are using certain esri basemaps then some have much lower levels of detail (meaning they can zoom in more than others). In WAB you can check and see what the smallest LOD that the base map supports by click on the map tab and then click the customize visible scales and see what the smallest scale is for that map, some stop at 9027.977411 and other stop at 70.5310735