Attribute Table widget does not display table content for a joined layer.

06-28-2017 07:58 AM
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I joined a table with a feature layer and tested with adding the layer using FeatureLayer and ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer. In both cases I can open the layer in attribute table widget, but it did not display the content of the table.(as picture below). however, I was able to pull up the table using FeatureTable. I have attached my code below. Did I do something wrong with the join that caused the issue with the attribute widget? if not, is there a work around with the issue? Thank you so much!!

Code for the joining: 

var rightTableSourcezz = new LayerDataSource();
rightTableSourcezz.dataSource = new TableDataSource({
type: "table",
workspaceId: "TableFilesGDB",
dataSourceName: "Z1_something_xg1"

var joinDataSourcezz = new JoinDataSource({
leftTableSource: leftTableSource,
leftTableKey: "someKey",
rightTableSource: rightTableSourcezz,
rightTableKey: "someKey",
joinType: "left-inner-join"

var zzLayerDataSource = new LayerDataSource();
zzLayerDataSource.dataSource = joinDataSourcezz;

var zzChLayer = new FeatureLayer(zzScreenUrl+"/0",
{mode: FeatureLayer.MODE_ONDEMAND, id: "zzChLayer",
outFields: ["*"] , visible: true, maxScale: zzMaxVal, minScale: zzMinVal, opacity: 0.4
zzChLayer.on("load", function() {

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