Attribute Rules in ArcPro work but not in Web App

05-28-2021 09:50 AM
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Hi All,

Have spend many a day working on getting syntax correct for Attribute Rules in ArcPro to be able to publish a map/feature service to our enterprise portal for use in a web app.  Rules work as expected in ArcPro, but do not seem to be working in either Smart Editor or Editor widgets.  Nor do they work in the web map while editing.

I've published with a registered datasource, saved the attribute rules in the project (and in the sde where the data is living - as evidenced by not being able to do anything to the data via arccatalog), added the updated feature service to the web map

Have I missed something here?



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I remember I had trouble with Attribute Rules when trying to shift from ArcPro to my agency's enterprise database, but I don't think I found a solution...  Not helpful, but it rang a bell...

You might find something if you check out the other forums too.

Attribute Rules Blog 

Whole searched


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I had the same problem, and didn't find a solution either.

Will be interesting to see what you can come up with.

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I've engaged Tech Support, been working on it for about three weeks now.  Had an issue where the AR in the FGDB using ArcPro worked, but not the EGDB, that turned out to be my goof up - changed the codes for the domains, but forgot to change the if, then, else statements in my ARs.  Corrected that, it works now in ArcPro with both FGDB and EGDB, but not in the web map or app.  Not passing the calculation back thru to the field for some reason.  I really hate to think that we will have to train folks (non GIS users) to use ArcPro when they had a hard enough time with ArcMap.  That's what the web apps are supposed to be for - supply the ability to update data without having to have the full blown bloated software that they would only use about 0.1% of it.

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Yes agree this is beyond frustrating. There is so much functionality that just doesn't work across the platforms, attribute rules are absolutely key and there is no way to use them in any of the web apps/maps. Couple that with no support for related tables and we're forced into a holding pattern that costs the business dearly. Esri really need to up their game, stop releasing half assed products and focus on making core functionality work across the platform on the existing stack.