Attribute rules - Constraint with edit widget dont work

11-30-2020 07:40 AM
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Hello, I created a an Attribute rules - Constraint that avoid duplicate geometry (polygons) with same field attribute (N° Order), using Smart Editor the Constraint works perfectly. In the process it's needed split the polygon to do that I set the Edit widget however, when i use the cut tool one part of the polygon is delete of the database.

Anyone know what could be happening? the attribute rules works with edit widget?


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  I believe it is working as expected.  When you cut a polygon, one piece is reshaped and a new polygon with the information from the old one is inserted.  So the N° Order is a duplicate of the original polygon and the constraint rule is rejected the new polygon that is trying to be inserted.  If you use fiddler or the browsers developer tools, you might be able to see the return message from the apply edits that is trying to insert the new polygon and see what the return message says.

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