Are multi-level relationships supported in the Smart Editor widget?

07-10-2019 09:22 AM
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smarteditor‌ webappbuilder2.11

I am trying to use the Smart Editor widget to add new records to a related table (grandchild) that is related to another table (child) which is then related to the main feature class table (parent). When trying to add a new record to the grandchild table using the Smart Editor, I receive this error:

I don't think there is anything setup incorrectly with the relationships themselves. If I use the same map in Collector for ArcGIS (classic) I am able to add new records to the grandchild table with no issues. I'm also able to add them using the traditional Edit widget in WAB. The issue occurs only with using the Smart Editor.

Within the Smart Editor configurations, I am able to see all three tables and turn on/off the different settings (edit, update, delete) and turn on/off any visible or editable fields for all three tables, so I know the Smart Editor "sees" this table - it just doesn't actually let me add records to it when using it in the application.

Here's a look at what my configurations are currently with each of the tables labeled for the relationships setup:

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I am having the same problem. Do you have a suggestion @Alix Vezina

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