ArcGIS Online Attribute Table and visibility (scale) range

06-13-2018 07:02 AM
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I am attempting to create a Web Mapping Application, using AGOL Web Application Builder, that automatically shows attributes in the attribute table. This works great, however, the attribute table does not seem to respect the visibility scale.


If I zoom statewide, the attribute table will list every attribute in the map service, regardless if it is visible in the map extent. In my example below, this would mean an attribute table of over half a million points – not feasible. I have tried both my map service registered with AGOL (with scale range set in the mxd) and importing the data directly into AGOL for a hosted Feature Layer (with scale range set in the AGOL Web Map).   I also imported into Web App Builder Developer.


I see no out-of-the-box configuration to make the attribute table respect the visibility scale.  What am I missing? Is this something that can be customizable to work?


Example of flex app with attribute table not appearing until zoomed in to visibility range.

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