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Allow Authenticated Users to Access Hosted WAB Application

07-27-2017 03:55 PM
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I'm having trouble allowing users to access a web application that I host in my own IIS environment. The application can be accessed just fine by all AGOL users within my organization, but AGOL users outside my organization can't log in. Some details below:

  • All content (web map, registered web app item referencing URL, hosted layers, etc...) have been shared to group
  • All external users (outside my organization) have been added to group

If I change the portalUrl parameter in the config.json file to rather than my own url, I am able to get passed the isolation to my organization on login but after entering in credentials the error message says the outside account doesn't have access to the item...which is crazy, because it does within AGOL, just not coming in through my own hosted application.

I've tried entering multiple portalUrl parameters and adding additional urls to the Cross Domain information, but I'm getting nowhere.

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   Is your portal publicly accessible? i.e. "Allow anonymous access to your organization's website." checked in your orgs security settings.

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Hi Robert...yes, I double checked and confirmed that the anonymous access option is enabled. The issue seems to have something to do with the response after the authentication happens. I replicated the same workflow entirely within AGOL by creating a WAB app and sharing it and the associated web map and content to a group with members from another organization. The external users can access the app if they log into their organization, navigate to the group and launch the app, but they cannot if they're sent a link to the app as it resides inside my organization.

When the app is opened from the shared group in another organization, it appends their organizational root domain and works just fine.



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